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Premium Quality avocado trees


Fruitstock selections

(new text) At our avocado farm, we take great care in cultivating the highest quality avocado seedlings. Our seedlings are grown with great attention to detail to ensure that they are healthy, strong, and ready to thrive in your orchard.

Grown using natural and sustainable farming practices, we use organic fertilizers and carefully monitor the growing conditions to ensure that the seedlings receive the optimal balance of water, sunlight, and nutrients. We take pride in our commitment to environmental stewardship and strive to produce avocado seedlings that are not only of the highest quality but also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our avocado seedlings are available in a range of varieties, including Hass and [*]). We offer seedlings in various sizes to accommodate your planting needs, from small seedlings for backyard gardens to larger trees for commercial orchards.

Our avocado seedlings are disease-free and grown in clean, well-aerated soil, ensuring that they are free from pests and other pathogens. We are committed to providing healthy, high-quality seedlings that will thrive in a variety of growing conditions.

We take great pride in our avocado seedlings and stand behind their quality. If you have any questions or concerns about our avocado seedlings, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to assist you. Get in touch today for an opportunity to experience the difference that our premium avocado seedlings can make in your orchard.


(old text) Tested and indexed fruit stock selections are also available to provide our growers with a range of marketing advantages and optionality.

To learn more please get in touch with our nursery team.

Rootstock selections

Winfield is licensed to produce world class Avocado rootstocks developed and tested internationally for over 10 years.

We enforce strict phytosanitary procedures to international standards in our production process.

Our rootstocks are bred to provide:

  • Enhanced yields

  • Disease tolerance

  • Frost tolerance

  • Salinity tolerance

To learn more please get in touch with our nursery team.

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