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Zarak Khan


With over 40 years of experience in the African transportation and retail industry, Zarak was the Executive Chairman of DT Dobie in Kenya, and the CEO for more than 20 years prior. From a locally owned company DT Dobie has grown exponentially into one of the largest multinationals in the world – first CFAO and now Toyota Tyusho Corporation. Instrumental and irreplaceable in all facets of the business, Zarak has vast amounts of industry experience in Sales, Organisational Management, Finance, Structuring and Operations.

Jay Williams


Having 15 years in the Agri-business sector, Jay brings high-level experience to the team. Having worked in both Kenya and Europe, Jay has successfully set up vertically integrated business operations globally, finelt integrating Kenyan and International markets together. An ace in financial oversight, cost reduction, people management, and strategy with strong sales expertise.

Jamal Khan


With over 10 years of leadership and software architecture, Jamal also has design and development experience since working in companies ranging from investment banks in London to government and financial solutions firms in Silicon Valley. He has been leading teams to create low-latency trading systems serving more than 200 banks and trading houses in Europe, America & Asia at Bloomberg. Jamal has been designing and building banking systems for Goldman Sachs as well as developing and designing data analysis software for JP Morgan, Citibank and the US Government at Palantir. Jamal brings a great deal of technological and software expertise to Winfield Africa’s agricultural ambitions.

Zeenat Khan


After graduating from The London School of Economics and Political Sciences & Imperial College London, Zeenat has accrued experience in assisting multinational financial institutions, insurance providers and telecommunication companies with consumer insight-driven digital marketing and marketing automation solutions.

She brings invaluable insight towards bringing Winfield Africa products to consumers in an authentic, transparent manner.

Robert Kariuki


Robert has gained extensive finance and accounting experience having worked for Cargill (the largest agricultural commodity trading company globally). Prior to joining Cargill, Robert has gained experience at Stanbic Kenya, a tier-one Kenyan financial institution. Robert’s key skills include credit and risk management, financial accounting and audit.

John Ndorossi

Compliance & Standards

Working in audit & compliance at Cargill Kenya provided John with valuable experience in the implementation of world-class standards in a Kenyan working environment. John also spearheads sustainability initiatives for all Winfield projects, embodying the Winfield passion for giving back to the Kenyan communities.

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