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WinTrees is the first cloning avocado nursery in East & Central Africa - as a pioneer in the sector we are producing high performing avocado rootstocks and rootstocks for better yields and disease tolerance.

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The WinFruit platform supports growers of Avocados in better access to Avocado markets as well as through extension and consultancy services

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As a leading grower of summer flowers WinFlora is exporting high quality blooms to over 20 destinations around the globe

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We are producing high quality clean potatos for all purposes including cooking, processing, and domestic use.

What we do

Pioneers in avocado clonal seedlings in east africa.


Winfield is the first and leading nursery for high performing avocado rootstocks, giving farmers the opportunity to produce HIGHER YIELDS with disease, salinity and frost tolerant varieties of avocado trees.

Winfield is licensed to produce world class Avocado rootstocks developed and tested internationally for over 10 years. We enforce strict phytosanitary procedures to international standards in our production process.

Trees Planted

As Jan 21, 2024

Trees Sold

As of Jan 21, 2024


Choose winfield products

Seedlings that give you disease tolerance, high yields, salinity tolerance.


Higher Yields - Proven!

Proven rootstocks for consistent higher yields and superior fruit sizes. Tried and trusted, ensuring optimal avocado production. Experience the difference in every harvest

Disease Tolerance

Confirmed and world renowned for tolerance to phytophthora to give farmers peace of mind on growing avocado fruits for the long terms and securing your investment in your orchard.

Salinity & Frost Tolerance

Additional rootstocks with added features of salinity and frost tolerance alos available to deal with a range of growing conditions. Expand your options for robust avocado cultivation.


From our clients

Winfield is at the forefront of transforming agriculture through their scientific and precision-oriented approach to plant material propagation. Their innovative methods are reshaping the landscape of traditional farming practices. By applying cutting-edge scientific principles, Winfield ensures a more efficient and reliable process for plant propagation.


Jamal Khan

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